Along with the Cotton Mesh Bags and the Polyester Mesh Bags we also offer Leno Mesh Bags. Use them for everything that requires a strong and reusable bag!

On this page, you will find all basic informations or specifications you can add to your Leno mesh bags. Take as exemple the different pictures below which represent different types of bag we already worked on and already produced.

Once you took a look at it, you may find some bright ideas to design your own perfect bag!

With Bag Mesh, you can design your bag the way you want it, with details and precision, to the sew from the mesh size!

If you have some questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, our international team will be reactive and happy to help you.

Mesh Bags in general are really resistant bag. In term of Leno, these bags HDPE or Plastic are even more durable than the average. In fact, these food bags can support important weight (more than 20kg!).

Moreover these foodsaver bags are more and more use for exemple as potato bag, onion bag and even orange bag. To conclude, Leno mesh bags are perfect to carry your important grocery shopping!



Product informations:

Material: LDPE/HDPE/PP, Plastic

Bag size: According to customer requirements but here are some standards 45 * 75cm, 50 * 80cm, 40 * 60cm, 30 * 47cm, 26 * 39cm…..

Hole size: 8 * 8 or 12 * 12

Handle length: Customizable

Handle colors: Customizable + see pictures above

Knit shape: Square / Hexagon

Labels printed on bags: According to customer requirements

Thickness: According to customer request

Mouth cover: Sewing squeezed, no drawstring / drawstring or according to customer requirements

Bag bottom: Single / double bottom and single / double sewing

Sewing thread: 1 or 2 thread lines depending on the force of the leno

Logo printed on the product: Accept requests to print the logo on the product

SUV: at the request of each side