While it is easier for us to work directly with you once you have a specific inquiry, on this page you will find some pictures and information about Polyester Mesh Bag that we can and have already produced. Take into account that these information is what is directly available. Our competitiveness allows us to adapt to the client’s needs.

If you have some questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, our international team will be reactive and happy to help you. You might also want to go find information about other polyester bags we produce. To check out our other website, please click here!

As you may already know, these Mesh Bags are useful for a wide range of different activities.

You can use them in order to protect your laundry, to go shopping,  to put you sport clothes, to carry veggies, mesh bags can be usefull in any situation! You can even put Mesh bags into Mesh Bags, to make sure to have enough bags for your heavy stuffs. They are strong and light at the same time.

Product informations:

Material: 100% virgin Polyester

Bag Size: Customizable

Handle length: Customizable

Handle colors : Customizable + see pictures above

Logo : Customized logo

Color: Customized colors

Usage: Laundry, sport, shopping, vegetables, fruit,…. 

MOQ: 10 000 pieces

Washable: Yes, perfect to protect laundry

Certification: Global Organic Textile Standards, Food Contact Grade Standards

Place of origin: Vietnam

Carton size : 40x30x30cm

Quantity : 500pcs/ctn